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Why Snowbirds Should Visit Myrtle Beach

If like me you want to get out of the cold on those wintery Canada and North America months, I know very well the best destination for you, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The place where you feel like you’re at home… away from home. I spent most of my winter stays over the last 30 years in Myrtle Beach. It’s not only the mild weather that brings me here all the time, but the countless discounts on accommodations, restaurants and, first and foremost for me, super out of this world low golf rounds prices on all the 90 championship golf courses in the region.

Snowbirds in Myrtle Beach are typically retirees who wish to avoid the snow and cold temperatures of northern winter. But you can also find younger people who can work from anyplace in the world. A lot of people also come down to The Beach for the Christmas Holidays or to spend a week or more during the school breaks. From October to March, you will sure find several accommodations discounts because it is the off season. But let me tell you that there is nothing off in the winter in Myrtle Beach!

The Weather

The first question people ask about is the weather. What is it like? Is Myrtle Beach a snowbird destination? Of course, it is. You can leave your bulky winter jackets at home, you won’t need them (unless you’re driving from the north….and coming back in the cold months, leave it in the car). In Myrtle Beach in the winter, the weather is mild. October and November are in the low 20’s Celsius (60 Fahrenheit). For December, January, February, average weather is around 14 to 20 degrees Celsius (57 to 60 Fahrenheit). Very comfortable for any outside activities like golf, hiking, bike rides or simply taking long walks with your loved one on The Beach.

Plenty of Things to Do

You may ask, what makes snowbird life so great in Myrtle Beach? Here are a few reasons why you should go. It’s not as expensive as you may think, the Grand Strand was recently named one of America’s 100 Best Places to Retire by the Where to Retire magazine. Your health will thank you, there is just something about The Beach, the sand and sun that boosts your spirit, it is good for your health and reduces stress levels. There is diverse entertainment you will want to enjoy, spectacular shows at the Carolina Opry, Alabama Theatre or House of Blues just to name a few. The Art Museum, Barefoot Landing shopping, restaurants and all the activities you don’t want to miss at Broadway at The Beach. If you are still active and want to keep up with your business, you have the option of completely changing your daily routine in a record time. You can say goodbye to your winter blues, take a walk on the beach before your first meeting, enjoy your lunch time by the pool, complete your work overlooking a beautiful sunset. Isn’t that a nice way to spend your winter?

Myrtle Beach Art Museum

Thousands of Restaurants

If you feel like cooking your meals, all the accommodations are furnished with kitchen efficiencies and all you need to prepare your meals. But if you are in the mood for a breakfast, lunch or dinner at a restaurant, Myrtle Beach, offers you 2000 + restaurants! It is the ideal place for the gourmet, and it offers a wide variety of places where you can enjoy all kind of delicious dishes and it is well known as the best place to experience southern cuisine.

Mussells dish at Brentwood Restaurant

All Types of Accommodations

So now you are telling me, this is all great, but where am I going to stay? Let me assure you. There are a lot of choices for your accommodations. From resorts, to condominiums, houses, hotels, motels, and camping grounds. And, yes, some snowbirds bring their homes with them as campers on the multiple’s campgrounds in Myrtle Beach. You will find something that suites your needs. Visit the website – Great deals are just a click away.

Myrtle Beach, SC coastline aerial at sunset

If a warmer climate, world-class golf, superb dinning, great outdoor activities for all ages, wonderful attractions, endless shopping and 100 kilometers (60 miles) of beautiful pristine beaches sounds like paradise to you, it may just be the best decision of your life. Come join your fellow snowbirds in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!