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What Is the Cost to Sell a House in Texas?

Pack your cowboy boots and kolaches recipes; you’re ready to sell your Texas home!

After new home sales set records in 2021, the Texas housing market cooled in recent months, generally seeing decreases for homes under $400,000 that offset increases for homes priced over $750,000.

In June, the Texas median home price experienced its first drop since December 2020, coming in at $349,000. With the exception of San Antonio, price drops were evident in the large metros, Austin, Dallas–Fort Worth, and Houston. While home price growth may be slowing, current prices are still significantly higher than before the pandemic, according to the Texas Real Estate Research Center.

Nevertheless, Gina Candelario, a top agent who works with 78% more single-family homes than the average San Antonio, Texas, agent, says sales are good and it’s still a seller’s market.

While prices have fluctuated, the average days on market (DOM) hit an all-time Texas low of 28 this spring, perhaps because, as Candelario says, inventory is still tight.

What’s Your Texas Home Worth?

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How much does it cost to sell a house in Texas?

While your out-of-pocket costs depend on your situation and other variables, the cost to sell a house in Texas generally averages about 7% to 8% of the final sale price. That includes real estate agent commission, escrow, and assorted fees (some of which are negotiable with the buyer) but does not include mortgage payoff.

To illustrate, if you sold your Texas Craftsman home for $325,000, the seller’s costs could range from $22,750 to $26,000.

We’ll examine some of those expenses in detail.

What are common expenses for home sellers in Texas?

While every situation is different, here are some typical costs you may incur when selling your Texas home.

Prepping your home for sale

Before undertaking any large renovation projects or repairs, consult with your Realtor®. An experienced real estate agent will know what needs to be fixed and what can be skipped. Candelaria says deep cleaning is the “biggest thing.” She says, “Paint, mulch, bleach, and Windex go a long way.”

Realtor® fees in Texas

Agent commissions are one of the largest selling costs in a real estate transaction. In Texas, Realtor® fees average 6%. Based on our $325,000 Texas Craftsman home sale example, you can expect to pay $19,500 in real estate agent commissions. A typical agent commission split might look like this:

  • Listing agent fee: $9,750
  • Buyer’s agent fee: $9,750

This may seem like a lot at first glance, but partnering with a proven professional can make a huge difference in your final net proceeds. Our data shows that the top 5% of agents across the U.S. sell homes for as much as 10% more than the average real estate agent. A 10% higher selling price can make the Realtor® fee a profitable investment.

Try HomeLight’s Agent Commissions Calculator to get an idea of how much you might pay in Realtor® fees in Texas.

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Seller concessions

Negotiations with a buyer can result in additional indirect costs related to seller concessions or buyer incentives, although Candelaria believes that “a lower price is better than a concession.”

A concession occurs when a seller agrees to use part of the proceeds from their home sale to cover some, or all, of a buyer’s closing costs. The amount of these costs will depend on your market and selling situation.

Some common seller concessions or buyer incentives in Texas might be:

Closing costs and additional fees

Closing costs are fees associated with a home purchase that buyers and sellers pay at the close of a real estate transaction. The average seller closing cost total in Texas is around 8% to 8.5%. “That doesn’t include property taxes,” Candelaria states.

Based on our example home sale price of $325,000, a Texas seller might pay the following in closing costs:

Candelaria says in multiple-offer scenarios, buyers usually pay:

Candelaria says property taxes are not included in closing costs. Prorated property taxes on a $325,000 home could be as high as $5,882.50, or 1.81% of the actual sale price.

At-a-glance home selling cost example for Texas

Selling expense Example cost  % of home sale price
Prepping your home for sale $3,250 1%
Realtor® fees (commissions) $19,500 6%
Seller concessions $0-$19,500 0%-6%
Closing costs, taxes, fees $16,250-$32,500 5%-10%
Mortgage Payoff $176,736 0.51%
Total selling cost example $215,736-251,486 12.51%-23.51%

*Based on a home price of $325,000 with an average mortgage payoff

Relocation expenses

There’s a cost to the physical move. Prices vary widely, depending on the number of items you’re moving, the distance, and other factors. Here is a very general estimate of Texas moving costs:

How can I reduce my seller costs in Texas?

There are ways a seller in Texas might be able to reduce some of their selling costs. A few examples include:

How much will I make selling my Texas home?

A number of factors play a role in the net proceeds you’ll make on your home sale, including:

  • Method of selling (agent, for sale by owner, cash buyer, or iBuyer)
  • Cost of repairs and improvements
  • Total concessions or buyer incentives
  • Closing costs, including state and local taxes
  • Mortgage balance pay-off amount

The mortgage payoff amount is typically the largest determining factor for calculating your net proceeds. The average Texas homeowner has a remaining mortgage balance of $176,736.

If you’ve paid off your mortgage before selling your home, your proceeds can be generally calculated by subtracting selling costs from the sale price.

Try HomeLight’s free Net Proceeds Calculator to get an idea of how much you might make selling your Texas home.

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Manage your expectations, plan, and partner with a top agent

Expect to pay certain expenses when selling your home: real estate agent commission, closing costs, and preparation costs. Some costs may be shouldered by the buyer, such as title fees.

To help determine which costs you’re obligated to pay, and how much you should spend to prepare your home for sale, consult a top real estate agent knowledgeable in your neighborhood.

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