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Tomorrow voters go to the polls in a runoff for one Myrtle Beach City Council seat.

Over the weekend, the mailer campaigns went from mean to surreal with former Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus sending out an attack letter in support of Incumbent John Krajc.

Tonight the race went into hilarity, with some person or group listing the seat “For Sale” on Craigslist.

The ad lists the Transgender activist Mayor Bethune offering the seat for $112,000.

The ad includes the below details:

For Sale By Owner: Brenda Bethune

Item: One (1) Myrtle Beach City Seat

Price: $112,500

Terms: Seat available for immediate purchase, must be willing to do whatever you are told and vote however I, Brenda Bethune, tell you to vote. You must let me pay all of your bills and you must clean my pool when the leaves fall into it.

do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

Bethune earlier sent out a mailer, herself, spelling out her own list of preferred candidates for this Myrtle Beach City Council seat.

Bethune’s requested that residents vote for Mike Chestnut, John Krajc, and Debbie Conner.

Chestnut and Conner have been elected.

Krajc is in a runoff with popular resident Bill McClure for the remaining Myrtle Beach City Council seat.

Transgender Activist Mayor Bethune
Transgender Activist Mayor Bethune
Transgender Activist Mayor Bethune candidatesTransgender Activist Mayor Bethune candidates
In opposition to City Manager’s proclamation, Bethune does mailers for Chestnut, Krajc, and Conner

Mayor Bethune on Transgender Rights

John KrajcJohn Krajc
Cross Dressing Councilman John Krajc