Group refutes Conway Mayor’s statements on “Hate Crimes” with facts based video. MyrtleBeachSC News

Fair Game uses hard data to correct statements made by Conway Mayor Barbara Blain Bellamy as we show misplaced priorities by her campaign manager Lucky Dog Promotions.

Small cities across America are undergoing massive changes. The shift to remote work early in the pandemic allowed many Americans to ditch big cities and set up shop in safer, smaller towns like Conway, S.C.

MyrtleBeachSC News reported on this population shift earlier this week. As residents migrate, nationally known liberal activist groups work locally to get liberal politicians and District Attorneys elected in southern towns. As such, no small town is unsafe from being infected and polluted by the left’s global agenda.

One local group known on the internet as Fair Game is fighting back. Fair Game reached out to MyrtleBeachSC News.

The video above was produced by Fair Game. In the video, Conway Mayor Barbara Blain Bellamy is seen stating, “Discrimination and attacks against the LGBTQ community are rampant!

The video then shifts to actual facts from the SLED database. The video pulls the Conway PD hate crimes SLED report showing 0 crimes for the year 2020. The same data shows 0 hate crimes in Conway for 2021. Meanwhile, the video then shifts to crimes against average persons. Crimes against average residents are up 18.6% in Conway. The video then goes on to show a myriad of facts and data proving that Mayor Bellamy has misplaced priorities.

Fair Game is a fact based, detail driven, high quality video producer.

Said Fair Game, “I used to be one of those people who said that will not happen here.  I was wrong because it did right in front of my face.   I am a local , a  registered voter in the City of Conway. I used to be a cheerleading coach for the  recreation center and I voted for Barbara Bellamy.  At the time why not! Her platform was she’s Conway and she said she was going to make safety a top priority. I knew as a young adult that Myrtle Beach was not a place to raise a family as it was all about the seediness there (still is).     So expecting our child, my husband and I moved to Conway.  We battle the commute and have for decades now. The Waving Man always made our day better.  The river brings peace. The family values, the culture, the spirit, the community, just day to day working together side by side make Conway home.”

 As you can see from the video above, Fair Game’s facts come right from the SLED database. The video can overwhelm a viewer with data, as like drinking from a firehose, but, slow the video down and the truth will amaze you.

Fair Game adds,

 “I would listen to the media , city meetings, and different things would catch my attention to make me pause when it came to Mayor Bellamy. However, when the Pride Proclamation was announced and I heard her speak the exaggerated words I was angry and disappointed as the words she was parroting were not true. Personally she made our community look like we have hate and that has not been the case and I’ll be damned if I let this narrative get any legs. I emailed her to try and understand however to date no response.  The old saying “if people love you like they say then they won’t treat you like they do, words lie actions don’t.      

Words matter they say and I say , so does actions. Integrity is lost as soon as your credibility becomes a factor.  I don’t fall to either “political” side as at the end of the day right is right and wrong is wrong. 

As you can see by the crime stats from SLED, the City of Conway is in shambles. Personally, I feel the priorities are misguided.  These numbers make one take pause.” 

CASE IN POINT – DONALD SMITH – Barbara Blain Bellamy’s Political Consultant and the focus on D.E.I.

Donald Smith of Lucky Dog Promotions works both sides of the street

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce is a not for profit that makes $24 million annually in tax subsidies because of legislation written by former S.C. House Rep. Alan Clemmons.

A focal point for the City of Myrtle Beach and the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber is something known globally as DEI. DEI is diversity, equity and inclusion.

DEI is a political priority for all Democrats, including Bellamy, putting a high emphasis on transgender rights, LGBTQ rights, and all things school hour drag shows. The concept is pushed from D.C. to cities like Myrtle Beach and increasingly to cities like Conway,S.C.

Locals call it the “woke” agenda.

On May 6, 2019 – Lucky Dog Promotions (Donald Smith) took $10,000 from Alan D Clemmons SC House of Representatives District 107 at his Lucky Dog TV Productions on 927 4th Ave. Conway, SC address for Consulting. Clemmons was running for re-election that term to his S.C. Myrtle Beach House Seat.

Alan Clemmons wrote the language that allowed the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce TDF to become law. Once again, the TDF collects over $24 million annually for the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

During that same cycle – Case Brittain

Attorney Case Brittain decided to run against Clemmons. Brittain was encouraged to hire Lucky Dog Promotions as his campaign consultant.

On 02/20/2020 Donald Smith collected $10,000.00 from Thomas Case Brittain Jr. for SC House of Representatives District at his 927 4th Avenue Conway, SC 29526 for Campaign Consultant Fees.


Did Smith notify Brittain that he had already been paid by Clemmons for consulting? Sources close to the Brittain camp informed MyrtleBeachSC News that Smith did not inform Brittain of monies collected from Clemmons.

Smith considers himself a “King Maker”. He states privately that he works to get anti special interest candidates elected. Special Interest candidates are supported by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Yet, here are the funds Smith’s Lucky Dog Promotions have taken from MBACC for the Beach Ball Classic.

As we have learned recently from the $6 billion of unfrozen Iranian monies, all such monies paid to a consulting group, like Lucky Dog, are fungible. The below MBACC tax dollars improve the bottom line for Lucky Dog Promotions and Consulting.

Here is how the expenditure 2020 appears as itemized on the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber expenditures.

Brittain Jr. would then unknowingly continue to fund Lucky Dog as follows:

02/24/2020 $13,750.00 Brittain, Thomas C Jr SC House of Representatives District 107 Lucky Dog Television Productions 927 4th Avenue Conway,SC 29526 Advertising

05/19/2020 $23,444.29 Brittain, Thomas C Jr SC House of Representatives District 107 Lucky Dog Television Productions 927 4th Avenue Conway,SC 29526 Advertising

06/01/2020 $15,906 Brittain, Thomas C Jr SC House of Representatives District 107 Lucky Dog Television Productions 927 4th Avenue Conway,SC 29526 Campaign Fees

06/08/2020 $22,738 Brittain, Thomas C Jr SC House of Representatives District 107 Lucky Dog Television Productions 927 4th Avenue Conway,SC 29526 TV

Brittain would lose that campaign primary election to Clemmons only to have Clemmons resign. Clemmons resigned one month after the primary claiming he needed to spend more time on his local law practice and time with his family. Clemmons had actually decided to ask for a Probate Judge Appointment from his good friend Myrtle Beach S.C. District 33 Senator Luke Rankin.

Case Brittain decided to run in the special election, after Clemmons resigned, choosing Walter Whetsell as his campaign consultant. Brittain won that special election.


Lucky Dog clearly plays both sides of the fence. Their client list includes payments from Horry County Councilman Tyler Servant of $12,000 during a 2022 cycle when Servant had no opponent. Former clients include: Horry County Councilman Dennis DiSabato and Trump impeacher Tom Rice, who was a former U.S. Congressman.

Current clients include MBACC (through the Beach Ball Classic), Conway Mayor Barbara Blain Bellamy, Autry Benton, and Kevin Hardee among others.

TOTAL TDF FUNDS SPENT BY Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce 2020

Mbacc Spend 2020 Combined Tdf by MyrtleBeachSC news on Scribd

MYRTLE BEACH’S DIVERSITY INCLUSION EQUITY EVENT included kids stations and drag shows.


Internal CBP data provided & confirmed by Customs and Border Patrol sources reveals thousands of “special interest aliens” from mostly Middle Eastern countries have been interdicted at the border while crossing into U.S. illegally over last 2 years. Syria: 538, Yemen: 139, Iran: 659, Iraq: 123, Afghanistan: 6,386, Lebanon: 164, Egypt: 3,153, Pakistan: 1,613, Mauritania: 15,594, Uzbekistan: 13,624, and Turkey: 30,830

In total 58,540 Middle Eastern people (largely single males) were interrogated at ports of entry. This does not include all middle eastern special interest aliens not caught at a port of entry.

The Biden administration refuses to comment on whether these people were sent home from the border crossing or were allowed to enter the U.S. and disperse across America. Biden has now promised to build an additional 20 miles of border wall in Texas.

Americans continue to support Israel in the current conflict. Meanwhile, it is possible that over 60,000 sleeper cell activists are now dispersed across the U.S.A.

With the 2023 Macy’s Day Parade, NCAAF Championship Bowl games, NFL games, College Games, Boston Marathon, and Super Bowl just ahead, American residents across the U.S.A. should be on high alert as soft targets are preferred by these terrorists.

All the while the Biden Administration, Conway Mayor Barbara Blain Bellamy, Lucky Dog Promotions, the MBACC, the Transgender community, and the City of Myrtle Beach work to ensure that everyone is sensitive to use preferred pronouns when addressing others.