Former councilman, key business leader endorse Bill McClure for Myrtle Beach City Council MyrtleBeachSC News

Today, two candidates who each garnered among the most votes in the Myrtle Beach City Council race held on November 7th are endorsing Bill McClure for the November 21st runoff.

Randal Wallace Former Myrtle Beach City Councilman

Voters made it clear. They continue to hold a high regard for former Myrtle Beach City Councilman Randal Wallace.

Says Wallace,

As a councilman I never shied away from tough votes or controversial issues and I do not plan to do so now. The City of Myrtle Beach is facing a run off between two very capable people this coming Tuesday.  The amount of money poured into this city council race was far more than any race I have ever seen, even far more than 2009 when the election was a debate about the TDF & two Bike Rallies.  The question every Myrtle Beach voter should ask is…WHY? What could possibly be worth an estimated Quarter of a million dollars or more?  I personally like both gentleman. That said, I worry about the direction the city is heading. The decisions are often being made without the input of the residents, the business owners, and at times not even some of the council members. Of these two candidates Bill McClure offers the best chance to have a councilman who is willing to ask some tough questions, cast some tough votes, and not be the least bit intimidated in doing it.  With the retirement of Dr. Phil Render we are losing a voice that has listened to the people and fought the battles to keep taxes low, and behave with fiscal conservatism, and we need someone who is willing to take up those battles on city council.  I have faith in. Bill McClure. He has a resume that shows it from his time as a soldier in Vietnam to his degree in economics, everything points to him having the voice we need on the city council at a moment when we may be at a crossroads between sound fiscal management and taking Myrtle Beach to a new level or going on a spending spree that could lead to ruin.

   Thank you,  Randal Wallace

Businesswoman Myra Starnes

Myra Starnes is the owner of Leisure Time Unlimited. She is one of the most knowledgeable and capable business leaders in the city. Like Wallace, Starnes also garnered among the most votes in the November 7th election.

Says Starnes, “I am here today to endorse Bill McClure. Bill ran for council with me. I saw him ask questions. I saw him dig. I saw him take on subjects that were not necessarily popular. That is what we need on council.

Adds Starnes, “Please go vote. Let’s get some transparency on council.

Readers can hear Myra’s complete endorsement in the video above.