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Antioch issues proclamation for the late White Pony Express founder | Milestones

The city of Antioch issued a proclamation on Aug. 22 in honor of Dr. Carol Weyland Conner, the founder of White Pony Express. She died on April 22, 2023. Over the last 10 years, White Pony Express has delivered millions of pounds of fresh food to Antioch residents.

Conner, 80, was spiritual director of Sufism Reoriented, founder of White Pony Express and Following Francis.

Conner was a psychologist, teacher, and the murshida, or spiritual director, of Sufism Reoriented ( an American spiritual school founded in 1952 by Meher Baba that honors all spiritual traditions and the essential unity of all life. In recent years, Conner won national prominence and numerous civic awards for the volunteer service programs she founded, Following Francis and White Pony Express, which seek to help the impoverished.